A Document, A Scanner, and A Text File Walk Into a Bar

Taking what worked in real life and making it digital works. It gets the job done, sure. But it's not the best way to be doing something. Companies, employers, and soon-to-be-founders need to think about new ways of meeting and new ways of doing other, normal, "in-real-life" tasks, and turning them into a digital-native experience.

The Ride of a Lifetime: Lessons Learned From 15 Years as CEO of the Walt Disney Company by Robert Iger | Book Notes

At all costs, you must be willing to innovate the way you do business and what your company delivers; "Innovate or Die" mentality.

The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek | Book Notes

The adaptation of an infinite mindset will result in more innovative products and higher performing teams and will see their competitors not to be beaten, but to learn from them.

Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport | Book Notes

This book is a must read for any knowledge worker. Newport gives practical strategies to rid the noise and distraction from your life without having to move to an island in the Pacific. This book is on my re-read list every few years.

The Battle of Improvisational Productivity

We’ve all had the sudden spark of a seemingly brilliant idea: the app that no one has developed, the YouTube channel no one has niched, the sudden profound quote to start you off on a book journey. So, why haven’t you acted on that?

Ambition is a Myth

One of the things I would pride myself in being is ambitious. I am able to set goals, examine systems, and then structure habits to reach those goals.

The Importance of 'Who Luck'

In the digital age we’re in, learning online from websites like YouTube, SkillShare, and have made a bachelor degree irrelevant in some companies, especially start-up’s.

Action, Not Intention Determines Your Destination

When I first heard that, I was mind-blown at the depth of the statement and couldn’t figure out how I’ve missed that my whole life. From then on, I started to view life through the lens of, “where is my direction pointing?”

There is Nothing Good or Bad, But Thinking Makes it So

William Shakespeare penned those words in Hamlet Act II Scene II in 1599. More than 400 years later, they still hold a truth few people on Earth have even begin to understand. Hamlet is talking to Guildenstern and Rosencrantz, as they have been sent to Denmark.

The Collector's Fallacy

Do you know what the word tsundoku means? Didn’t think so. It’s a Japanese word and the meaning is profound.

4 Philosophies of Deep Work

Your deep work philosophy will help you schedule deep work sessions that work the best for you. According to Cal Newport, there are four of them.

First Principles Thinking

What’s the difference between an innovative, breakthrough start-up, and just another average company with some tech? Simple. The way they think.

The Dramatic Impact of Good Policing

What do you think drug dealers want? Although it’s a rather important question, I bet you’ve never thought about that before. What do you think a cop’s goal is? Well, it would depend which department you’re asking.

Thomas Frank and Ali Abdaal Replied to My Tweet

When someone like that Tweets you, it’s only natural to tell the story.

Breakdown: How Tiago Forte Does A Weekly Review

A weekly review is the only way to become a productivity wizard.

5 Mistakes People Make With GTD

The Getting Things Done Method (GTD) is the classic approach to commonplace productivity. It resonates with people 30 and under, as well as those who are 31 and above - not very common for most “philosophies”.