Rental car envy

You have a nice car at home that you love. Maybe it’s even paid off.

It has a few miles on it, but it still runs well. You’re happy.

But then you go on a trip and rent a brand-new car with 4,000 miles on it. The seats have heaters (and coolers). There are cameras everywhere for lane changes and parking. It’s so much smoother than your ride at home.

The trip ends.

You get back in your old beater and notice how stiff the steering wheel feels, how uncomfortable the seats are, and how annoying it is that you don’t have a touchscreen monitor.

What you were content with before now causes unhappiness because you realize just how much you’re “missing out” on.

Everything in life works this way.

You might love your job, but then see someone on social media doing something cooler (and making way more money). Now you’re unhappy.

You might love your partner but then hear stories of how great your friend’s partner is. “Why can’t my wife do that for me?” You start thinking to yourself. Now you’re unhappy.

I don’t know how to fix Rental Car Envy, but I know giving words to a feeling makes dealing with it in the future easier.


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