About Me

Modern day Mad Man.

My goal in life is to intersect the gap between Church and the ever changing world of Technology. I've been editing videos since my Freshmen year of high school, which has led to an abundance of knowledge in Adobe Creative Suite.

I've been learning the less tangible skills such as copywriting, marketing, and creativity in hopes to become a Creative Director someday.

Some quick bullets...

💻.  I currently work full-time running social media at Bayside Church in Northern California. We have 8 campuses and average 20,000 people per weekend. I'm also a freelance video editor for the Morning Brew and helping their podcast, Business Casual, grow a YouTube channel.

🔖  I will graduate with a Bachelors in Digital Media & Design in May 2021. I hope to enroll in a Masters Program in Computer Science shortly after.

🎥  On my YouTube channel, I make videos about tech, productivity, habits, and lifestyle.

📩  I write a Weekly Email Newsletter called The Bookshelf. Every Monday I break down a mental model that will help you see the world through a different lens.

📝  On this website, I write articles based on ideas and insights I've had about productivity, my faith, or general life advice.

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