Don't let it fade to black

On a podcast I was listening to, someone told the story about how he first met—and eventually started dating—his wife.

He said at first, they would go on long walks to get to know each other. Over time, though, their friendship seemed to diminish, and he thought any chance at a relationship was over.

But he told himself, “I’m not going to let this fade to black. I’m going to make her tell me whether it’s over or not.”

So, he told her how he was feeling, and she said she felt the same. They started dating and eventually got married.

He explained that he didn’t want it just to end. If he let that happen, he knew he’d always wonder, “What if…” Rather, “She would have to punch me in the face, so I knew it was over.”

Don’t let things fade to black.

If you’re confused about where a relationship is at, get clarity; don’t let it fade to black.

If you’re confused about your position in a company, get feedback. Figure out what you have to do to get to the next level; don’t let it fade to black.

If you’re at a crossroads with a book or exciting creative project, figure out what’s not working and move forward; don’t let it fade to black.


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