My Manifesto

Love is cruel mistress.

It’s a unique experience that opens up our hearts and minds to a place we didn’t know existed. A place far beyond our imagination, but somewhere we conjured up. A place filled with mountains of joy, streams of smiles, and fields of laughter depressingly contrasted by the valleys of sorrow and the rivers of pain.

Love may bring us to a high place we’ve never been before, but it also tears us down to a low we didn’t know existed. A place we know how bad it hurts, but a place we leave ourselves open to experiencing once more, for to forfeit the pain, we must also forfeit the joy.

It’s this experience of how good it would be combined with the fear and trouble of how bad it could be that leaves us open to not just love, but wonder and amazement about what this mathematically-beautiful world is and where it came from. Because it is only those who have wandered lost, in the words of Einstein, who know the mystery and joy of

[T]he years of searching in the dark for a truth that one feels but cannot express; the intense desire and the alternations of confidence and misgiving, until one breaks through to clarity and understanding.

It is those whom this newsletter is for: the curious, adventure-seeking humans who refuse to be content with the disarray of information, facts, and figures that populate our everyday experience. It’s for those who have caught themselves more than once gazing at the sea of lights in our night sky wondering what’s out there? And for those who have been starstruck by the glorious sight of the face of the man on the moon piercing back into their eyes as they thank the gray hunk of what was once earth for keeping our little planet so safe to live our puny little lives on.

It’s for those wonderers. Those seekers. Those who are kept up at night thinking about the Atoms of the Universe.


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