Don't take non-practitioner advice

Don’t learn how to do the thing from people who don’t do the thing.

Most financial “gurus” who tell you how to make money in the market only make money from shilling online courses and e-books. If they knew the secret to “quitting your job and retiring at 30,” why are they promoting their online course in every other Tweet?

A lot of real knowledge workers take their productivity cues from productivity “experts” who have no obligations other than tweaking their Notion templates and then wonder why they can’t maintain their “system” while working a full-time job and taking care of a family.

Instead of listening to your favorite YouTuber about how to be productive at your job, find the person who seems to get the most done and has influence within your organization. Ask them how they’re productive, and then do what they say.

Don’t take advice from non-practitioners.

If someone used to do the thing, that’s okay. But beware: what got them “success” twenty years ago probably differs from what will bring you success now. When taking advice from elders, the principles are probably the same, but the tactics will change.


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