The Canada Principle - Netflix's Secret to Success

A year and a half after Netflix launched, there was a big problem with its user base. No one was renting DVD’s and that’s an issue for a DVD rental company.

One Idea That Changed the Way I Think About Content Creation

As of 2019, YouTube had over 31 million channels. That’s 31 million content creators, idealists, go-getters, and executers putting their message out into the world.

The Rule of the 150

The limits of human potential is an important thing to know. Imagine if we didn't know our limit for breathing underwater. A lot of us would die. Or, imagine if we didn't know we could fly. Good luck with that, Amelia.

The Two Laws of Productivity

Everyone seems to have the latest, "10 Tips for Productivity" or, "5 Habits to Getting More Done" anywhere you look on the internet. Although these tips and habits are helpful, we can get so lost in trying to be productive we forget to actually be productive. With all the latest tips and tricks on the market, it's hard to know where to start.

4 Philosophies of Deep Work

Your deep work philosophy will help you schedule deep work sessions that work the best for you. According to Cal Newport, there are four of them.

The Dramatic Impact of Good Policing

What do you think drug dealers want? Although it’s a rather important question, I bet you’ve never thought about that before. What do you think a cop’s goal is? Well, it would depend which department you’re asking.

5 Mistakes People Make With GTD

The Getting Things Done Method (GTD) is the classic approach to commonplace productivity. It resonates with people 30 and under, as well as those who are 31 and above - not very common for most “philosophies”.
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