A day well spent

Today was a day well spent.

I’m always changing my daily schedule around to find what works best. It seems like there are never enough hours in the day, so I’m always looking for the routine that will fit my to do list the best, and today went well.

I woke up at 5:00am, which is nothing new. But instead of reading, I worked on typing up my book notes. I liked doing this in the morning because it’s productive and it’s writing, plus, these notes usually provide content for my newsletter.

At 6:00, I washed my face, fixed my hair, and got ready for the day. Then I worked on my work tasks for two hours.

At 8:00, I made breakfast, took my dog for a walk, and then got back to work until 10:00.

At 10:00, I took another short break for a cup of coffee and then worked again until 12:00.

At this point, I’d gotten more done before noon that it feels like I get done in a few days.

At noon, I made some oatmeal for lunch and then coded on a side-project for awhile.

At 2:00pm, I rode my bike to a coffee shop, ordered a decaf americano, and read until 3:45pm. This was quite pleasant. I cut my reading short because it started to rain and I didn’t know how long it would last, so I wanted to ride home before it started raining too hard.

When I got home, I worked some more until about 6:00, made dinner, and then read a few articles and watched videos on Henry Kissinger. I’m interested in where the career as an academic/politician/statesman/author came from. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find much about Kissinger’s writing habits (and I haven’t been able to find much about Churchill’s either).

The day was great because after 12:00pm, I had done all the “real” work I needed to do that day. The rest of the day I could read, code, and write. Plus, I could be in bed by 8:00pm (which I try to do every night), without having to sacrifice anything I wanted to do that day. Often, I feel like, “Man I really wish I got X done today.”

Here’s to more days well spent because a collection of days well spent is a life well lived.


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