A Document, A Scanner, and A Text File Walk Into a Bar

Taking what worked in real life and making it digital works. It gets the job done, sure. But it's not the best way to be doing something. Companies, employers, and soon-to-be-founders need to think about new ways of meeting and new ways of doing other, normal, "in-real-life" tasks, and turning them into a digital-native experience.

Show Your Work by Austen Kleon | Book Notes

A short read, but interesting nonetheless. This book doesn't have a ton of practical insights, but gives some motivation to show what you're doing in public. An interesting argument and helpful for someone like me who is so young and feel like I haven't "accomplished" anything yet.

Why You Need to Drop Your Tools

These next few sentences could change the way you’re living your life right now. I stumbled upon these thoughts while reading Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World. The author was unpacking books by organizational behavior expert, Karl Weick.

The Battle of Improvisational Productivity

We’ve all had the sudden spark of a seemingly brilliant idea: the app that no one has developed, the YouTube channel no one has niched, the sudden profound quote to start you off on a book journey. So, why haven’t you acted on that?

3 Steps to a Daily Time with God

A Daily time with God can change your life, relationships, and your future. Here are three simple steps to have a transformative daily time with God.

The Rule of the 150

The limits of human potential is an important thing to know. Imagine if we didn't know our limit for breathing underwater. A lot of us would die. Or, imagine if we didn't know we could fly. Good luck with that, Amelia.

The Two Laws of Productivity

Everyone seems to have the latest, "10 Tips for Productivity" or, "5 Habits to Getting More Done" anywhere you look on the internet. Although these tips and habits are helpful, we can get so lost in trying to be productive we forget to actually be productive. With all the latest tips and tricks on the market, it's hard to know where to start.

First Principles Thinking

What’s the difference between an innovative, breakthrough start-up, and just another average company with some tech? Simple. The way they think.

Breakdown: How Tiago Forte Does A Weekly Review

A weekly review is the only way to become a productivity wizard.