You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.
- James Clear

What I'm Working On

  1. 💻.  I currently work full-time as a communications lead at Bayside Church in Northern California. We have 8 campuses and average 20,000 people per weekend.
  2. 🔖  I have one more year of college until I graduate with a Bachelors in Digital Media & Design. I hope to enroll in a Masters Program in Computer Science shortly after.
  3. 🎥  On my YouTube channel, I make videos about tech, productivity, habits, and lifestyle.
  4. 📩  I write a Weekly Email Newsletter called The Bookshelf. Every Friday, I share some thoughts on any interesting books, articles, or podcasts I've consumed.
  5. 📝  On this website, I write articles based on ideas and insights I've had about productivity, my faith, or general life advice.
  6.  🕰  I want to start my own company someday. For now, I'm taking on freelance video editing from Fiverr and UpWork, and doing free website development to build my portfolio.

What Else?

  1. My goal in life is to intersect the gap between Church and the ever changing world of Technology. In most eras, the Church is drastically behind and old fashioned with the methods they use to reach people, understand data, and communicate the gospel. I want to help.
  2. I absolutely and utterly adore a delicious cup of coffee in a Chemex or Felllow Stagg from Verve ♥️

Get in Touch

  1. Twitter or Instagram - If you've got a short question or message, tweet @daltonmabery or DM me. I'll respond the fastest there.
  2. Email - If you want to have a more formal conversation, please email me ( I can guarantee my response, but it will not be as fast as Twitter or Instagram.
  3. In Person - If you want to meet in real life and live in the area, let's grab a coffee. Send me an email ( and use [COFFEE] in the subject line.




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