The Importance of 'Who Luck'

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You and I both know that a degree is becoming less and less appealing to employers when looking for new people to hire.

In the digital age we’re in, learning online from websites like YouTube, SkillShare, and have made a bachelor degree irrelevant in some companies, especially start-up’s.

There is one thing  that is still working, tried and true, and it’s who you know.

The saying, “it’s about who you know, not what you know” or some rendition thereof has been around for a while and it’s more true now than ever before. (At least as much as I could tell in the twenty years of life I have lived.)

That’s why who luck is very important. Jim Collins talked about this on The Knowledge Project podcast before he explained how he was able to get Steve Jobs to create his new class curriculum. No big deal, right?

Meeting the right people, whether it be through luck or the effort of emailing a company can go a long way because that typically results in a word of mouth recommendation.

I struck pretty amazing who luck when, three years ago, I met a guy named Josh Powers. I didn’t know what I liked about him when I first met him but I was ambitious and that helped Josh recognize me. Our first one-on-one conversation was three and a half hours long and we talked about leadership, personal development, goal setting, habits, and just about any other topic Josh and I were passionate about.

I went on to intern for him that year and we kept our relationship strong the year after. When my second year of internship came to a conclusion, I had the freedom to get hired and no doubt, my relationship with Josh got me the job. He spoke highly of me, called out leadership greatness in me, and senior leaders took a chance with a young, 19-year-old kid who knew how to make some slides.

I’m working full-time in the communications department of a seven campus church without having a college degree. (I graduate May 2021).

Network, grab coffee with people above you, send messages on Twitter, email leaders in the industry. You never know who you might strike luck with.

Written by
Dalton Mabery