No One Cares What Your Company Does


There it was. The post I’ve longed to come across on Instagram, “The Best Shows to Watch if You’re Into Tech”. I was excited.

That was how I stumbled across a magnificent television show called, “Silicon Valley.” From the moment I watched the first episode, I was hooked. And I really don’t like TV.

Halfway into the second season, the company the show is based on, Pied Piper, finally launches. The tech is revolutionary — but no one seems to be interested.

As a viewer, I was upset. It seems like these guys just couldn’t catch a break with the product. They had their Beta ready to go and launched it early because everyone who received the Beta, loved it. The only problem was everyone the CEO sent the beta to was an engineer in the tech field. They were blown away at what the product could do.

However, when it launched, no one was buying. The CEO and the team couldn’t understand why their product wasn’t selling. Then it hit me.

No one understood how it made their life better

Their entire marketing strategy was based on what Pied Piper did as a company, and how revolutionary their technology was. The problem they were facing is that no one cares about how cool the technology is — they want to know how it’s going to make their lives easier.

Everyone saw and understood Pied Piper’s features, they just didn’t understand how it’s going to make their lives easier. When the iPhone X was released, very few people understood how facial recognition worked, yet they knew it made unlocking the phone easier. I don’t know if that’s sad or not, but that’s how much people will sacrifice to make their lives .001% easier.

In one scene of the show, the CEO, Richard, was behind the glass at a focus group. The focus group thought that the product was irrelevant because they couldn’t figure out what it did or how it was supposed to be used.

Richard, angry and frustrated, storms into the focus room and explains to them how his tech split up all of their data and stores it all over the network in tiny pieces. Great, Richard, but no one understood how that was beneficial to their lives.

What Richard could have done, was tell the story of a couple that was about to get engaged. Let’s say someone is in charge of taking pictures on the soon to be groom's phone. As soon as he kneels down to pop the question, an error pops up on the screen.

“Can not take the photo. Not enough storage.”

C’mon, I know you’ve been there.

He can then explain that by using the Pied Piper app, that will never happen. Unlimited pictures, unlimited movies, unlimited documents, unlimited data, unlimited life — Pied Piper.

Now that’s a compelling commercial. It explains the benefits of using Pied Piper -

“It will make your life easier by saving space on your phone, for life’s precious moments.”

Features = What the Product Does

Benefits = How it Makes the Consumers Life Easier

Written by
Dalton Mabery