Action, Not Intention Determines Your Destination


“Direction, not intention determines your destination.”

When I first heard that, I was mind-blown at the depth of the statement and couldn’t figure out how I’ve missed that my whole life. From then on, I started to view life through the lens of, “where is my direction pointing?”

However I think that quote misled me for a few years.

I was Recently listening to My First Million Podcast and Sean Parr said, “it’s not about the direction someone has, but the action that gets them to where they want to be.”

I lost my mind because I realized even when I thought I understood it, I still didn’t understand it.

It doesn’t matter what your intentions are, it doesn’t matter what your direction is, the only thing that matters is what actions you’re taking to get you pointed in the direction of your ultimate destination.

For years I have admired guys like Carey Nieuwhof, Tim Ferris, Brady Shrear, Ali Abdaal, James Clear, and just about any other author/podcaster/pastor/leader. I loved their content, the way they structured their day, and what they blogged about online.

It inspired me so much that I just kept itching to “create” content and had notes about how to do it, systems in place, the right gear to do it and yet, still no content.

Until, something clicked and I decided to start taking action by writing books reviews and filming them for YouTube, starting this blog, and becoming active on Twitter. All these steps are actions I have taken to get to my ultimate destination.

Action with the right direction leads you to your destination.

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Written by
Dalton Mabery