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Why You Need to Drop Your Tools

These next few sentences could change the way you’re living your life right now. I stumbled upon these thoughts while reading Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World. The author was unpacking books by organizational behavior expert, Karl Weick.

The Battle of Improvisational Productivity

We’ve all had the sudden spark of a seemingly brilliant idea: the app that no one has developed, the YouTube channel no one has niched, the sudden profound quote to start you off on a book journey. So, why haven’t you acted on that?

Ambition is a Myth

One of the things I would pride myself in being is ambitious. I am able to set goals, examine systems, and then structure habits to reach those goals.

The Importance of 'Who Luck'

In the digital age we’re in, learning online from websites like YouTube, SkillShare, and Lynda.com have made a bachelor degree irrelevant in some companies, especially start-up’s.
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