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My Favorite Things

Leadership & Business Resources

  • Netflix Culture Deck - The whole deck is genius, but the slide I start the link at is revolutionary for big organizations.


  • Carey Nieuwhof - Leadership and Church Growth
  • How I Built This - Compelling interviews of company founders
  • Hidden Brain - Behind the scenes of the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior
  • My First Million - Untold backstories and strategies behind the success of millionaires
  • Con Artists - Compelling stories of infamous hustlers, swindlers, and fraudsters


  • Into the Wild - One man's journey to find truth in the world, and not things.
  • The Sandlot - Just a great movie about America's pastime.
  • Good Will Hunting - Counselor encourages a boy genius to be honest with himself and his feelings.
  • Dead Poet's Society - Teacher inspires students through the teaching of poetry.


  • Atomic Habits - Proven ways to build better habits
  • The Ride of a Lifetime - Disney's CEO on leadership and life lessons
  • Shoe Dog - Phil Knight's retelling of the beginning of Nike
  • Infinite Game - Perspective altering book on how life and business decisions should be made
  • I Will Teach You to be Rich - Practical book on how to use credit rewards and explain investing, IRAs, high yield APY's accounts, and other boring finance topics.


  • Silicon Valley - Hilarious documentation of a fictional tech start up
  • White Collar - Witty and light hearted show focusing on a con-man as an FBI's confidential informant
  • Prison Break - Intellectual and suspenseful