What's Your Angle?

September 28, 2020

One of my favorite TV shows is HBO's "White Collar". The main character, Neal Caffery, is an ex con-man turned confidential informant for the FBI. His suave is to die for.

Whenever Neal is suspicious of someone's actions, or wants to know why they're doing something, he asks them, 'What's your angle?" It's a strategic and more tactical way of asking someone what their plans are, or why they're doing what they're doing.

So let me ask you, what's your angle?

I wrote in an earlier post about the importance of choosing what you want most over what you want now, specifically in regards to habits or personal development. What I left out of that post is how hard it can be to choose the thing you want most over what you want now if you don't know why you're choosing that; if you don't know your angle.

If you make a decision to work out four times per week but don't have an end goal for that, it's going to be difficult to choose working out over Netflix. Are you working out to lose x amount of pounds? Maybe so you can gain 10 pounds of muscle? Or maybe you just want to keep healthy habits and stay fit.

There's no right answer, but you must have an answer. Knowing your angle makes the decision to watch Netflix and skip the gym much harder to make because you know you want to lose 10 pounds by the summer.

Identify your angle. Make it measurable. Choose what you want most, over what you want now.