The Square One Show - My New Podcast

September 28, 2020

Hey there 🙂. As I’ve really been leaning into my dreams and desire to create content and use my editing skills for more output, I’ve started a podcast. This is something I’ve wanted to do for three years now, but haven’t due to fears and insecurities.

It’s also very mainstream. I asked one close friend what she thought of podcasts and her response was incredible. She said,

“I think podcasts are the same thing blogs were in 2008. Everyone has one but no one has anything new to say.”

I 100% agree, and that was exactly my fear. However, I have had a lot of time to self reflect" during this quarantine and I can’t help thinking, “if I only started this one year ago, who knows where I would be”. That’s what drives me.

I watch Youtube videos, and read blogs, and listen to podcasts, and all these people have so much freedom and they love what they do. Plus, they get to create for a living! That’s my goal. Create content that inspires people to change their lives and tools pursue their goals.

Doing that stuff now is extremely weird. However, one thing that I did this week was sort Youtuber’s videos by ‘oldest to new’, and I was so encouraged. They all started somewhere. They all sucked on camera at first. Everything was awkward. No one was watching.

But they kept at it. They kept creating. They kept innovating. They kept chasing their goals, and now they’re living their dreams.

Thanks for reading,