The Best Email Address I Ever Made

September 28, 2020

We all have spam email addresses. The one we insert all over the internet to get free shipping,  rewards back at Bj’s (hello pazookie) or some other fleeting incentive in the moment. However, I bet no one has a learning email address.

In the last week of January, I started to clean up my life. I took a serious look at my calendar and set up systems to maximize white space, deleted all the unused apps I had on my iPhone, shoutout to Matt D’Avela, committed to using the two-day rule for my gym habits, and set aside one hour every day to read a book.

Life was starting to feel very organized until I noticed I kept getting random newsletters to my spam email from leaders I glean insight from: James Clear, Carey Nieuwhof, Brady Shrear, Tim Ferris, and Ali Abdaal. They all send out some sort of weekly newsletter with stuff they are reading, thoughts they have, or podcasts they have listened to.

I was missing all their content because it was getting lost in my “spam” account. Incredible insight and great resources just getting washed away in the noise of life.

So I decided to make a new email address dedicated to learning. I would tell you what it is but then that would defeat the purpose. (If you want to chat, send me an email here).

Now every morning, I can check that inbox and see which new content I can learn from. If I like the email, I can bookmark it so I can use it as a reference or put it in my resonance calendar on Notion.

If I don’t like the email, I simply delete it.

If I stay on top of this, my email will have fresh new insights every morning with no garbage.

Create a new email address here.