Introversion: A Rant

September 28, 2020

Why are you so bold and annoying?

That’s typically my response to the arrogant, self-centered man who has the audacity to ask me, “Why are you so quiet?”. Or better yet, “Why don’t you like to hangout with people?”

Although I wish I could say, “Because I’d rather spend time in books and articles then debating pointless politics with armchair experts” or talking about, “How my day’s going.”

Gosh, I hate that question; “How’s your day?”

“Why? Does my day have any impact on yours? Just keep walking. Just because we’re both in the same room doesn’t mean we have to talk.”


If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m an introvert. A true 5 on the enneagram and S on the DISC test, I thrive when I’m inside my mind and developing thoughts or new ideas. Social parties are hard for me. Mostly because they are filled with people who pretend to care about what you do for work because they’d rather be in the middle of a mindless conversation than enjoy a moment of seemingly awkward silence. Yikes.

The people I hate more than those are the people who always have to say something. Whether it be an email chain, a group message, or a conversation in real life - they can’t just nod and smile, or laugh and move on. They have to respond. Whether it’s agreeing with what you said, which they typically aren’t because people who must talk think they’re always right. Or, simply expounding upon your few words of the day because they must have the last words in a conversation -  those guys, they’re the worst.

Although the tone of this article has seemed cynical since the start, I promise I’m not a cynical guy. Although it’s hard for me to show emotion, specifically excitement, I’m pretty joyful - just easily annoyed by people.

So, next time you’re around an introvert, ask them what keeps them up at night, or about their latest book or person they’re researching - not how their day’s going. You don’t care - don’t act like you do.

Anyway, cheerio.