205 Top Tweets on Startup, Business, and Life Advice from Domm Holland (@domm | Fast CEO)

September 28, 2020

On building a startup:

• If you take your foot off the pedal, you won't stay in the same place – you'll go backward.

• Think big, yet obsess over the tiny details at the same time.

• Be skeptical of anyone that pretends to have all the answers.

• Failure should drive you to succeed, not stop you from trying.

• Your startup is either working or it's dead.

• Increase pace of growth by increasing communication and speed of decision making.

• Drive value to your users by building a delightful product experience.

• Test a lot. Double down on things that work, ignore everything else.

• Get comfortable selling.

• Clearly and confidently say no to any ask you can't fulfill.

On being a great founder:

• Know the difference between when you should be open to new ideas and when you should dig your heels into the ground.

• You must have thick skin.

A strategy for investor updates:

• Say what you’re going to do. Do it. Say you did it.

On building a team:

• Normalize disagreement. Your team must be able to say, "No. I disagree" without anyone taking offense.

• The best teams drive innovation, drive execution, and drive output.

• The team should be really good at solving problems and finding more.

On hiring:

• Never outsource the hiring. The founder should interview every early-stage employee.

• Hire people that can predict problems before they appear.

On pitching:

• If you're pitching people for the first time, start at the bottom of the list.

• Refine your pitch after each try and anticipate the questions you'll get.

• When you get to the top of your list, your pitch will be incredible.

On cold emailing:

• You can get so far in life by reaching out and making clear, simple asks of people.

• If you cold message someone, just ask them the question. Never ask, "Can I ask you a question?"

• If you can't condense the message, don't send it.

On life:

• The most effective people simplify the most complex things.

• To get strong, do things that make you feel weak.

• If someone is a jerk, that's on them. If you let it ruin your day, that's on you.

• End every meeting with a clear ask.

• The solution to everything is dedicated time, attention, and effort.

• Talk when you provide real insight. Listen when you can absorb it.

• If you want the position, assume the position. Never wait for a title.

On business:

• Anyone who says business doesn't take a lot of time and effort is lying.

• Tell people what you're working on. The world is not focused on stealing your idea.

• If you're in a meeting and there is an awkward silence, it's over. End it.

On marketing:

• Social media should be used to build a community, not an audience.

• Talk with people, not at them.

• B2B marketing should be thought of as nothing other than marketing to regular people.

On productivity:

• Use dual monitors

• Ignore hustle culture. Rest when you need to, but ruthlessly prioritize efficiency when you're working.

• Pick the hardest thing on your todo list and do that first. You'll feel amazing afterward.

• Increase the velocity of finishing mundane tasks. Never tell yourself or others, "it's not important so just do it whenever."

• Look after yourself first – productivity will follow.

When scheduling a call using a link, say:

"Would you like to suggest some times to meet next week, or if it's easier for you, you can just use this link to book directly..."No one will ever suggest times.

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