The Battle of Improvisational Productivity

We’ve all had the sudden spark of a seemingly brilliant idea: the app that no one has developed, the YouTube channel no one has niched, the sudden profound quote to start you off on a book journey. So, why haven’t you acted on that?

Ambition is a Myth

One of the things I would pride myself in being is ambitious. I am able to set goals, examine systems, and then structure habits to reach those goals.

Action, Not Intention Determines Your Destination

When I first heard that, I was mind-blown at the depth of the statement and couldn’t figure out how I’ve missed that my whole life. From then on, I started to view life through the lens of, “where is my direction pointing?”

The Canada Principle - Netflix's Secret to Success

A year and a half after Netflix launched, there was a big problem with its user base. No one was renting DVD’s and that’s an issue for a DVD rental company.

2 Apps Online Students Need to Succeed

I have been doing full-time online college for three years and have loved every second of it.

How I Use Roam Research to Take Smart Notes

Smart Notes was developed by a Professor at the University of Dusiburg-Essen, who doubles as a life coach on time-management and decision making. He was inspired by 20th century German sociologist Niklas Luhman. Luhman was a prolific note taker, writer, and academic

The Two Laws of Productivity

Everyone seems to have the latest, "10 Tips for Productivity" or, "5 Habits to Getting More Done" anywhere you look on the internet. Although these tips and habits are helpful, we can get so lost in trying to be productive we forget to actually be productive. With all the latest tips and tricks on the market, it's hard to know where to start.

4 Philosophies of Deep Work

Your deep work philosophy will help you schedule deep work sessions that work the best for you. According to Cal Newport, there are four of them.

Breakdown: How Tiago Forte Does A Weekly Review

A weekly review is the only way to become a productivity wizard.

5 Mistakes People Make With GTD

The Getting Things Done Method (GTD) is the classic approach to commonplace productivity. It resonates with people 30 and under, as well as those who are 31 and above - not very common for most “philosophies”.