A Document, A Scanner, and A Text File Walk Into a Bar

Taking what worked in real life and making it digital works. It gets the job done, sure. But it's not the best way to be doing something. Companies, employers, and soon-to-be-founders need to think about new ways of meeting and new ways of doing other, normal, "in-real-life" tasks, and turning them into a digital-native experience.

The Collector's Fallacy

Do you know what the word tsundoku means? Didn’t think so. It’s a Japanese word and the meaning is profound.

One Idea That Changed the Way I Think About Content Creation

As of 2019, YouTube had over 31 million channels. That’s 31 million content creators, idealists, go-getters, and executers putting their message out into the world.

Thomas Frank and Ali Abdaal Replied to My Tweet

When someone like that Tweets you, it’s only natural to tell the story.